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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ২৩rd নভেম্বর ২০১৬

চেয়ারম্যান বার্তা


Rear Admiral M Khaled Iqbal, BSP, ndc, psc

Chittagong Port Authority


The ports of the world have undergone many changes since seventies with the introduction of containerization in the international trade. The port of Chittagong despite many constraints continues to cope with changing patterns of the trade and creates facilities to meet the market demands. The chittagong port is the principal port of Bangladesh and therefore has very special role to play in the national development process .The responsibilities of the chittagong port are to render necessary facilities and services in proper and efficient handling of export-import cargo of sea-borne trade. Inefficient ports may hamper economic development through operating procedure, inadequate facilities .The process of trade liberalization and globalization in the eighties has resulted in greater mobility of goods and services across the international borders. The subsequent shift in manufacturing activities towards countries with comparative economic advantages has presented a challenge for many developing countries aspiring to expand their manufacturing bases and stimulate domestic economics through improved global linkages in trade and commerce. Bangladesh is seeking to explore opportunities to further expand international economic activities for sustainable development. To meet trade objectives, we have to improve efficiency of maritime getaways and make Chittagong port more responsive to commercial needs of exporters, importer and carriers. In today’s global environment, the seaports use be able to offer increased level of efficiency and costs, which are comparable to other ports. So it is imperative to upgrade the efficiency of Chittagong port keeping in view of the visions set for the port as regional hub to meet the challenges of the situation. In order to enhance the port efficiently, productivity and level of services, in present government took dynamic steps in different problem areas of Chittagong port stistainablereforms initiatives are taken through bold steps and directives. Consequently it has been possible to handle more ships and cargoes by using 60% of existing port facilities. In presenting this year book, I mentioned these things for the readers in general and also for those having stake in international trade through this port who would remain aware of come up with what we should do in the days ahead to tackle the situation. I hope that everybody will find the site useful for their business or otherwise.

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